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We have been working with website layout, design, development and maintenance since the late 1990's.

While some will overwhelm you with their credentials, we simply ask you to take a look at our portfolio
If you like what you see, please contact us.  If you'd like referrals, we're happy to provide those. 

We work with websites because its something we enjoy doing - just as you enjoy your business. 
We don't work on sites because we 'have' to.

Our beliefs and goals are simple:

  • Your website is yours - not ours. It is representative of what you do - not of what we think you do.

  • Your website should reflect your personality and your company and its persona - not be squished into a cookie cutter mold.

  • Within reason, all requests for specifics will be incorporated on your site.

  • Once we receive your information, your site will be up and live on your domain as quickly as possible.  We don't believe in waiting around.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and hope to be able to work with you!







We are believers that no animal deserves to be mistreated, neglected or abused in its lifetime.    Fortunately, or unfortunately, our home is also home to a menagerie of 2 cats, 5 big dogs,  4 horses, 1 mini donkey, and 1 standard donkey. Almost all of our animals are rescues. And, it's been proven numerous times that animals will return the love they are given.

If you have the time, the heart, the ability, please consider volunteering in your area to help those who can't help themselves.

If you are interested in finding local societies or organizations that have rescued animals for adoption, or to donate your time or other resources, please Google the breed and your location.

For equine, we recommend contacting Habitat for Horses. There may be other local equine rescue groups that you can also find in your favorite search engine.



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