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We are located in the serenity of West Texas, near the wind farms of Scurry, Nolan and Mitchell Counties, some of the largest wind energy
(renewable energy) in the world!!!   Think Green !



texas proud

Our roots, our attitudes and
the heritage and backbone of
our fine state are things every Texan should be proud of. 

We have a lot in Texas to explore, boast about and to show off, the varied topography, the extreme climate changes, the beauty of each season and the unique 'wildlife' that lets us all remember a simpler time.  

Perhaps the most important asset of the state, though, is it's people.  Texans, whether they are native or got here as soon as they could, are some really great people.

God Bless Texas!

texas flora
Texas Bluebonnets

We were blessed with beautiful stands of bluebonnets again this year.
texas fauna
the inner eye

With the hot weather setting in, the  Horny Toad is becoming more visible 




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